Introducing the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

The platform will serve as a reference for automakers who want to accelerate their investments in a connected car platform, and provide production-ready, globally scalable solutions that can be used as the foundation for creating differentiating experiences offered by automakers.


Proposed Agenda for IoT Workshop

I am looking for feedback on the proposed agenda. Let me know what you think (we will publish this workshop on so that anyone can go through it as a self-directed workshop).

New ThingLabs IoT Workshop Kits

It felt a bit like Christmas on St. Patricks’s Day! That is because the first batch of the new ThingLabs IoT Workshop Kits arrived today. We will have four (4) new IoT Workshop Kit configurations, in addition to the two (this and this) that we already have. This will allow us to create workshops for a variety […]

Talking About the Internet of Things

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with my friend, Richard Campbell (of DotNetRocks) talking about the Internet of Things at the Channel 9 Studios. You can watch the video here (it is less than 10-minutes). This show is part of a countdown show to DevIntersection2016 in Orlando, FL. […]

Intel Edison, Node.js and Azure IoT

In this blog I walk through the process of setting up the Intel Edison to run ubiLinux and Node.js 4.3.1 to send and receive messages with Azure IoT Hubs. IoT Hands-on Workshop – April 18, 2016 – Florida

Register now for the Hands-on Workshop at DEVintersection in Orlando, Florida. Use discount code SEVEN April 18, 206 – Walt Disney World Swan Resort  The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest in an ever growing realm of technology that modern developers have to know about. To get into the IoT you have to […]

IoT Workshop

Welcome to the World of IoT  

Building the Internet of Things with Doug Seven

Richard Campbell from DEVintersection chats with Doug Seven about his IoT workshops, engaging with developers to see just how small computers can be made now, and how you can create a network of ultra-small devices to work together to provide a huge amount of data about the world around you. Using development tools, languages and […]

Using Particle Photon with Johnny Five and VoodooSpark

I am elbow deep preparing an updated IoT workshop for three conferences in the next two months: TECHintersection – September 14, 2015 in Montery, CA DEVintersection Europe – October 17, 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands DEVintersection – October 29, 2015 in Las Vegas, NV For these workshops I’ve decided to do something different – mostly driven […]

TECHintersection-IoT Speaker Profile: Zach Supalla,

The TECHintersection event is coming up on September 14th through the 17th. I have been helping with the planning, specifically around the Internet of Things (IoT) content. As we lead up to the event I want to familiarize you with some of the great speakers we will have. This is going to be a great […]