New ThingLabs IoT Workshop Kits

It felt a bit like Christmas on St. Patricks’s Day! That is because the first batch of the new ThingLabs IoT Workshop Kits arrived today. We will have four (4) new IoT Workshop Kit configurations, in addition to the two (this and this) that we already have. This will allow us to create workshops for a variety of hardware and operating-systems, including Linux, Windows 10 IoT Core and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

Today we received the Intel Edison and BeagleBone Green kits based on the Grove sensors.


The ThingLabs Tinkerers are busy working on new workshops for these kits and more (see below). We have a full-day workshop on April 18, 2016 at the Walt Disney World Swan for the DevIntersection conference (register with discount code SEVEN to save $50).


Here are all of the kits we are building new workshops for…


Linux-based Micro-Processor Kits

IoT Workshop Kit: Intel Edison Edition

(1) Intel® Edison for Arduino

(1) Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison


IoT Workshop Kit: BeagleBone Green Edition

(1) SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green

(1) Grove Starter Kit for SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green


Windows 10-based Micro-Processor Kits

IoT Workshop Kit: Raspberry Pi 2 Edition

(1) GrovePi+ Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

(1) Raspberry Pi 2 Model B w/ ARMv7 Quad Core 1GB RAM

(1) USB Wi-Fi Adapter

(1) Power Supply

(1) microSD Card

Check out the ‘Windows 10 IoT – Connected Nightlight Workshop‘ that uses a Raspberry Pi2 with a breadboard, LED and a photo-resistor instead of the GrovePi+ kit.

Micro-Controller Kits

IoT Workshop Kit: ESP8266 Edition

(1) Huzzah! Internet of Things Feather ESP8266 – WiFi Starter Kit (soldered headers)

(1) USB to microUSB cable (6′)

(1) Breadboard

(10) Jumper Wires

IoT Workshop Kit: Arduino Uno Edition

(1) SparkFun RedBoard – Programmed with Arduino

(1) SparkFun Weather Shield w/ soldered headers

(1) SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable – 6 Foot

Checkout the ‘Node.js – Connected Weather Station‘ workshop for Arduino and Particle Photon

IoT Workshop Kit: Particle Photon Edition

(1) Particle Photon Kit

(1) SparkFun Photon Weather Shield

Checkout the ‘Node.js – Connected Weather Station‘ workshop for Arduino and Particle Photon