Icenium v1.1 Now Available

Today I am proud to announce the first update to Icenium since our v1 launch a month and a half ago. As a cloud-based solution, we have always planned for a regular cadence of product and service updates – continuous delivery of value, if you will. This v1.1 release represents our first step toward establishing a regular cadence of updates that include new features, improvements in existing features and fixes for any issues discovered (thank you for reporting them to us in our forums). As we continue to develop Icenium, we expect to deliver updates on a regular schedule, starting at about every 6-10 weeks, and eventually accelerating to where we can deliver product and service updates at high frequency.

With this release we have added a few new features, updated support for Apache Cordova and fixed some bugs reported by you. To summarize this release, I will categorize the changes into four buckets:

  • General – Changes and updates to the back-end services, or changes that apply to all client tools.
  • Icenium Graphite – Changes and updates to the installed client for Windows.
  • Icenium Mist – Changes and updates to the browser-based client for all platforms.
  • Icenium Ion – Changes and updates to the iOS development and testing utility.

The complete release notes can be found here.


Apache Cordova v2.2

All Icenium projects may now use Apache Cordova 2.2. All new projects will be created using Cordova 2.2 by default. Existing projects can be upgraded to the new version in by opening the Properties settings for a project.

ChildBrowser Plugin

The ChildBrowser plugin has been updated to version 4.0. This version is compatible with Apache Cordova 2.2.

Kendo UI Mobile

The new project template (Kendo UI) has been updated to use Kendo UI Mobile v2012.3.1114.

jQuery Mobile

The new project template (jQuery) has been updated to use jQuery Mobile v1.2.0.

Android Hardware Acceleration

In the project properties you may now select to enable or disable Android hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration will improve the rendering of UI animations.

OS Version Support in Device Simulator.

OS version selector has been added to the simulators. Changing the OS version can affect behavior of the app.


Icenium Graphite

Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All

Cut, Copy, Paste, and Select All commands have been added to Code Editor’s context menu.


Reload Project in Simulator

New ‘Reload’ button in the device simulator reloads the current project.

Reorder Open Documents

You can reorder open documents by dragging and dropping the tabs in the order you prefer,

Icenium Mist

Version Control

The version control capabilities of Mist have been improved to parity with Icenium Graphite, including the ability to Clone projects from a URL-based Git repository, such as GitHub, and push and pull changes to and from the parent repository.


Find Function

A keyboard shortcut (CTRL+F) will open a Find dialog enabling you to search code files for specifies text. Additional shortcuts have been enabled during Find operations – Find Next (Enter or F3), Find Previous (SHIFT+Enter or SHIFT+F3).

Case-sensitive search and search with RegEx are supported. When RegEx search is enabled case-sensitive search is disabled.

Device Simulator Improvements

Status bar and orientation properties have been added to the device simulator.

Reload Project

New ‘Reload’ button in the device simulator reloads the current project.

CORS Requests

When a CORS request is executed via the device simulator an information message is displayed letting you know what is happening.

Icenium Ion

Ion works with Cordova 2.2 only. A warning message is displayed when attempting to use older versions.

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